ZuluTrade Review: Pros & Cons 2023

The ZuluTrade platform contains many useful features including Automator, ZuluGuard, crypto trading and auto trading. However, I think eToro would be a better option in my opinion simply because they have a larger user base along with some other innovative features. You can join ZuluTrade from anywhere in the world to connect your account and share your trading strategy with others. Though I have to say, the past performance of traders on ZuluTrade is by no means a guarantee of future performance. I actually prefer to maintain control over my own trade decisions but understand how it can be a good solution for anyone who doesn’t have the time or experience to trade by themselves. Each broker sets their own fees for using the ZuluTrade platform, and these fees can vary widely.

The exact minimum deposit required will vary by broker, but you can expect to deposit a bare minimum of at least $100 before you can start using the live online trading features. Overall, ZuluTrade.com’s offering is attractive to leaders and investors of all experience levels. Yet despite being user-friendly, the service does work best if you opt for FXview, which is one of ZuluTrade’s integrated brokers. You may be charged an overnight rollover/swap fee by your broker.

  • The app contains all the key features found on the desktop version, designed conveniently for mobile use.
  • ZuluTrade’s app in the Google Play Store has more than 100,000 downloads and a rating of just under four stars from more than 2,000 reviews.
  • Basically, it allows traders to acquire a level of automated trading to copy the trades of traders experienced in foreign exchange and financial markets.
  • The ZuluTrade platform is compatible with a wide range of stocks and other stock market-related financial assets.
  • ZuluGuard is mandatory for the European and U.S. versions of ZuluTrade’s service.
  • Under this premise, we recommend not providing falsified details.

It will be good to pick a trader who already has many followers copying their trades. But please make sure that their trading system is feasible and suitable for you before following them. They will also provide a brief description about their trading strategy which is quite helpful. The minimum deposit to use ZuluTrade is very low, some of the 50+ forex brokers that they work with who you can copy signals on your own personal trading account with require a deposit from just $1!

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Another offer that ZuluTrade makes available for users of the platform is the partnership programme. As with many other trading platforms, ZuluTrade’s partnership programme allows you to partner with the platform and to earn extra money from referrals you make. If you have a network of contacts you can bring to the platform, this is a great way of creating an extra income stream. Of all the partnership schemes that we have looked at over the years, ZuluTrade’s has the advantage of being incredibly well integrated into the platform as a whole. Additionally, ZuluTrade has dedicated technical support designed to help you through the set-up process. Having conducted comprehensive research for this ZuluTrade broker review, we are pleased to report that ZuluTrade certainly offers some of the most advanced social trading features.

  • Though it’s social trading (under developing) site, Zulu trade always focus on Copy Trading.
  • I like how you can set rules to lock in profits once a target is reached, update stop loss for selected trades, close trades that are profitable or to simply notify you.
  • This is due to the fact you are trusting the section of trades to others (similar to eToro).

Yes, it is free to use this platform (there are no subscription fees). However, there are always trading fees in the forex market and the experienced forex traders you copy trade will also earn some commission from the people who follow them. Platform fees can therefore add up, although a good trader should be making sufficient profits to cover all platform fees and still keep their copy traders in profit. Zulutrade provides a wide range of useful tools for an investor. These include advanced charting capabilities, technical analysis tools, signals, economic calendars, and news feeds. The platform also has an integrated trading simulator that allows users to test their strategies without risking real capital.

They aim to use the advice from the most talented investors and traders worldwide through trading, also known as social and copy trading. Assets aren’t inquired until registration application are verified, which initiates the “Depositing Process”. Considered the 2nd stage to complete an account, deposits are required to obtain access to these financial assets. Deposit requirements enlist with ZuluTrade are minor in comparison to other exchanges, with investors capable of depositing $1.00 to review the hundreds of assets supported. It’s recommended that new registrants deposit the valuation their comfortable with possibly losing under Risk Capital.

We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. The financial products offered by the promoted companies carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.

Investors may have different ways to deposit and withdraw money depending on the broker they are using. It’s important to check for any deposit or withdrawal fees charged by the broker. We will explain how it works, including its costs, live accounts, user ratings, regulations, and more.

ZuluTrade Details

ZuluGuard™ is often highlighted as a particularly well-liked feature in customer testimonials and review forums. It works by monitoring each leader’s behavior and removing a user when a draconian strategy is detected. While using ZuluTrade, our experts found the brand safeguards personal information via industry-standard SSL encryption on its PC and mobile platforms.

Education and Tools

This means, if the trader opens a 1 lot position on the EUR/USD, they will earn $5 for each copier who follows this move. With that point in mind, while Zulutrade does their best to filter out these lucky traders, it forex broker reviews does not mean you should immediately trust every other available trader. You should still do your due diligence before placing any copy trades even with one of the best copy trading brokers around as Zulutrade is.

What Platforms Does ZuluTrade offer?

Binary Options previously heightened these investment assets. This product offering would inevitably be removed when ownership of ZuluTrade was transferred to the Formax Group. That doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple financial instruments that act as benefactors to investors.

ZuluTrade offers various video tutorials to help traders understand how the platform works. Some of the tutorials provided are how to follow a trader, browse a trader’s profile, create a real and demo account, as well as using advanced search techniques. ZuluTrade is a social – wealth management platform enabling investors to copy the positions of professional traders.

It involves connecting accounts so that when one trader makes a trade, the same trade is automatically copied into another account. This allows followers to benefit from the expertise of these top traders without having to manually execute every trade. Zulutrade has a large and growing user base of over 1 million traders.

If you want to know more, check our guide on the Best Broker for ZuluTrade. Here you will find an AAAFX Zulutrade review along with a number of other top brokers which can easily connect with Zulutrade. One thing for sure is that you will have many top brokers to choose from if you are thinking of connecting them through Zulutrade. There are more than 70, though some may not be available in certain areas. Once you are satisfied with that, you can connect your broker with a real deposit. At least $100 must be kept in the broker in order to use Zulutrade with it.