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  • 10 loans allows you to e-mail 10 communications that will run you

  • 25 credit allows you to e-mail 25 messages which will set you back £35,00.
  • 50 credits enables you to e-mail 50 messages that will run you

    £ 65,00

  • 100 credit lets you email 100 messages which will run you £120,00.
  • 200 credits enables you to email 200 communications  which will set you back




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    The Members part lets you find users considering their unique sex, and get older and location.

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    The My Profile area allows you to improve your profile such as changing the explanation and uploading pictures of yourself.

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    The communications area teaches you which users have sent you emails and also reply to e-mails using this portion of the site.

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    The Flirts function just like emails, you are able to reply to Flirts in the same manner just like you would a contact information.

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    The Favorites section shows you whom you have included with your preferences list.


FindMyFling.com Is managed by Midsummer using the internet B.V, a company right responsible for a variety of disadvantages such as for instance
, H


, and S


. These individuals never ever frequently prevent and have a fresh strategy up their own arm. It’s not only annoying but very time-consuming running after alike corporations day in and day trip. With countless pounds at stake really inevitable that these individuals with their unique corrupt morals would create brand-new adult dating sites on a continuing basis to fraud people. This is exactly why we took committed to analyze FindMyFling.com, you can read the complete document below.

They Acknowledge They Normally Use Fake Profiles!

Right on the leading page associated with site prior to you enter as a part there are 2 paragraphs in red-colored text that you should have browse. This might have saved you many problems and possibly a lot of cash (if you purchase credit about phony UNITED KINGDOM hook up site). As research we took a screenshot and included it below (circled in red). Into the screenshot it claims «We recognize your web site consists of dream profiles developed and run by the web site which will communicate with myself for marketing and other purposes. I know the individuals showing up in photos regarding landing pages or in fantasy profiles is probably not actual people in the internet site. Precisely what does that reveal? It informs you website is in charge of generating fake profiles being then published on people area of the website. These pages you shouldn’t check every diverse from legitimate pages. They will have photographs inside and all the non-public data filled out. There’s no way to tell if its a legitimate profile or artificial.

(Screenshot associated with the web site admitting to phony profile pages.)

Proof Of Wherein Many Of The Artifical Visibility Photographs Tend To Be Obtained From

FindMyFling.com features hundreds and maybe even a great deal of female users. Tthe web site is admitting they are accountable for fabricating users on the website. Who knows the amount of of this pages tend to be also actual members.This is actually a real issue and really it can make FindMyFling pointless for person getting real people to fulfill. The truth that they place the info informing all of us that they are in charge of fabricating fake profiles on their homepage and their website continues to be operational is flabbergasting. In which tend to be
federal government authorities
and law enforcement officials to closed the scam.

While digging in even further we started undertaking
reverse picture searches
on many of the profiles on the site. Everything we discovered had been even more research showing the illegitimacy of all of the pages on the internet site. With reverse picture researching possible recognize in which photos are observed on the web. We utilize reverse image searching in order to discover where these profile photos of attractive girls happened to be extracted from. We’ve got incorporated backlinks of some of the pages below. They are phony users in addition to their images happen stolen from adult picture web sites.

(Screenshot of a synthetic profile making use of a stolen image found on different xxx picture and social network sites.)

  • https://i.pinimg.com/564x/e6/0e/5a/e60e5a29f0fb92731ea9603dca14adfe.jpg
  • https://www.bullesociale.fr/bscdn/foozine/images/panneaux_picdump/26878/46.jpg
  • http://imgtaxi.com/images/small/2014/12/12/548b1be68f561.jpg
  • https://78.media.tumblr.com/e8ddbe42bfcc887e49ab3e92b9e7d72f/tumblr_n27lnymwlc1tumumpo1_500.jpg
  • https://s1d3.turboimg.net/t/2325626_036.jpg

(Screenshot of a make believe profile using a photo of an escort. )

  • https://img.adultsearch.com/classifieds/901297_lpChsi5k1b7sxHAenSF.jpg

(Screenshot of a phony profile page utilizing a graphic from another web page.)

  • http://content.fuegodevida.com/content/users/1198/1198896/b00f32d623_s.jpg

(Screenshot of an amateur porn stars photograph that was taken following used to produce a phony profile on FindMyFling.com.)

  • http://img28.imagetwist.com/th/14559/716v5i9ze5wk.jpg
  • http://img163.imagetwist.com/th/17545/hmdtoewwoy65.jpg
  • http://img16.imagevenue.com/loc230/th_44474_DH7034_Digitalhotties.net_00056_123_230lo.jpg

637 E-mails Were Provided For Us!

In the first part of this investigation we included as proof a screenshot from homepage associated with the internet site expressing the «website contains fantasy users which happen to be produced by this site which will keep in touch with you.» This exact that is why we received 637 e-mails and counting. All these communications tend to be sent through fantasy profiles. These are typicallyn’t normal ladies delivering united states e-mails who would like to hook up with our team. Making use of a kind of
artificial cleverness
labeled as
computer system bots
they can send as numerous emails as they wanna anybody who’s an authorized user on their site. The emails also look genuine. But there’s a really sinister strategy to their rear sending all of us 637 emails.

The plan is just as follows. Initially you join the web site then your artificial robot software starts generating e-mails and giving those to you personally. Their particular aim is to find you to try and answer the email communications. Once you make an effort to answer the e-mails so as to you simply can’t keep in touch with anybody about dating internet site if you don’t have bought loans on the site. As well as united states to respond with the 637 messages it will cost all of us around


637,00. Picture whenever we failed to recognize this great site ended up being fake and then we contacted each woman that contacted all of us, we might end up being broke!

(Screenshot showing you that people obtain 637 email messages from computer box, perhaps not actual female people.)

Below we have integrated two types of fake electronic mails. The first matter range in the first email states «i am available nude about bed in order to permeate and fill me upwards immediately together with your hard juicy product». Here’s the one thing you guys need to understand we’ve never called this girl before so just why would she chat this kind of a erotic fashion. It can make no sense at all unless you all keep in mind that this is simply a computer-generated message. There isn’t any ladies giving united states these kind of e-mails. This is just a pc computer software sending you computer-generated emails.

(Screenshot of a subject range proving further just how fake these email messages we obtain tend to be.)

This mail matter range is actually from «Karina» and she says «that she’d want to receive us over on a night out together this Saturday mid-day, in which is the preferred restaurant». Again we’ve never talked for this individual and this refers to not a routine method of speaking. Why would she need fulfill some one she actually is never ever actually chatted to in her existence? Of course the answer is it is a computer robot and «Karina» isn’t actually a genuine person.

(Screenshot of a subject line indicating even more how phony these emails we become are.)

We Received 70 Flirts Even So They’re All Fake!

So far we receive 70 flirts from ladies on the webpage. The flirts work exactly like the email emails. They are all fake, and they are all being sent from computer system products. These flirts commonly originating from actual females being into united states. This is actually a facade to fool all of us into trying to connect to those ladies of which time we’re going to must buy loans.

(Screenshot of 70 phony flirts we was given.)

We A Blank Profile

This is basically the icing on cake that gives our very own whole investigation together. Are you aware that once we started this study and produced an account on FindMyFling.com we made certain never to publish any pictures into the profile, so we additionally made sure to not ever submit any personal information. But as we’ve currently mentioned despite having a blank profile, without photos no info we still had gotten inundated with well over 600 e-mails as well as 50 flirts. Can any individual describe how which is feasible? Why would we receive plenty messages whenever these women concept of about what we look like. However the clear answer is actually normally maybe not genuine ladies getting in touch with all of us but software applications spiders so in retrospect they emailed you. They do not care whenever we have a picture within profile or not, because it’s some type of computer and never legitimate female users.

(that is a screenshot in our bare profile web page.)

The Stipulations Clarifies Precisely How They Rest & Scam Many Of Us

The very last bit of evidence we love to bring onward is found themselves website on their terms and conditions page. Inside the
terms in section 8.4
they tell us that «it’s not their particular goal to create real contact between members». They also tell us that they utilize fictive profiles which happen to be self-created. Each goes onto state that «physical connection with these fictitious profiles isn’t feasible». This shows undeniably that website is wholly fake! Take a look at part taken from the terms web page below.

Hosting Server Information:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:

  • Address Contact Information:

    Midsummer on line B.V.: Zutphenseweg 51, 7418 AH in Deventer, holland

  • Email:

    [email protected]
  • email all of them at

    [email covered]

    if you have copyright dilemmas (some one utilizing your photo to their website without your authorization).
  • a warning that any costs made on your credit card arise under «spend.nl * Midsummer +31854000597 NLD».

  • Web Page:

    Get In Touch With Webpage

Ultimate Decision:

We have offered you all the important points, the research and every little thing we can easily to show to you that FindMyFling is massively artificial, a scam and an overall fraud!!

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